Our mission

To provide a comprehensive
Low Vision Service, for the people of Canterbury
and Westland regions, enriching lives and enhancing independence.
It has been estimated that 3000 people in our region suffer from visual problems that make daily living difficult. This is more likely to happen as we age.

Our services

Initial Consultation

You will meet our occupational therapist who will discuss how you are managing daily tasks at home and when out and about.

Activities such as reading, writing and watching television will be considered along with things like lighting and glare.

Clinical Examinations

The optometrist will examine your eyes to see if spectacles will improve your vision. Calculations will be made to assist in the selection of suitable low vision aids.

Because your eye conditions may have changed the way you view tests, the optometrist will explain how to use vision aids effectively.

Equipment Room

In the equipment room you will be able to try out and select appropriate low vision aids with the assistance of clinical staff.
The Lighthouse Vision Trust works alongside the hospital to provide low vision equipment.

The Trust is proud of displaying one of the most extensive arrays of low vision equipment in New Zealand.

Visual aids range from:
  • $35 magnifiers
  • $5,000 electronic magnifies (CCTV's)
  • A variety of task lights and other low vision aids.
Click here to see our latest equipment.

Our Low Vision Aids